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Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

For over two decades, we have been actively engaged in projects where we have leveraged techniques ranging from data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning, and generative artificial intelligence. These efforts have led to the creation of comprehensive solutions encompassing automated prediction, identification of dependencies, unveiling of novel patterns, fraud prevention, sophisticated text analysis, customer lifecycle management, and an array of other applications.Our proficiency extends to predictive modeling utilizing cutting-edge statistical methodologies and the deployment of resilient algorithms. By harnessing the power of these techniques, we do not only anticipate future trends but also gain a competitive edge, all while extracting optimal value from intricate datasets. This strategic approach is underpinned by a rigorous commitment to robust statistical methods and algorithmic innovation.

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Big Data and Cloud Computing

There is a clear trend of data accumulation, with an increasing reliance on cloud platforms for storage and utilization due to their cost-effectiveness. Beyond structured data stored in traditional databases, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to harness unstructured data (such as text, images, audio, etc.) through the application of artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI. Our experience and expertise are poised to guide your organization in creating, migrating, managing, and leveraging these platforms, all while minimizing costs and capitalizing on the diverse offerings of cloud providers. An expansive and robust team of data engineers stands ready to provide comprehensive support in integration, transformation, and visualization of your data. We are equipped to assist your organization in navigating the intricate landscape of data management, ensuring that you extract maximum value from these resources. Our approach centers on optimizing the potential of unstructured data through innovative AI methodologies, bolstering your competitive advantage and propelling your organization into the forefront of data-driven innovation.

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Governance and Data Architecture

Undoubtedly, organizations highly value their data as a foundational element to stand out from their competitors, ensure compliance with obligations, and effectively manage their resources, among other objectives. Data Governance formalizes and guides processes and responsibilities related to data definition, protection, quality, and utilization, along with associated assets. The establishment or enhancement of data architecture and its accompanying data models are pivotal in leveraging organizational data to maximize its benefits. Employing maturity assessments and well-established methodologies developed over many years guarantees success in implementing these practices. By adopting these methodologies, we ensure that data-related endeavors are executed with precision and foresight, leading to the optimization of data-driven decision-making, innovation, and strategic planning. Our comprehensive approach aligns with industry best practices, empowering your organization to unlock the full potential of its data assets.

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Database Management and Application Development

We are fully equipped to assume the management of your databases, whether on-site or in the cloud, or alternatively, to assist your team in achieving the utmost efficiency in these endeavors. This facet has been a cornerstone of our work over the span of more than 30 years. Furthermore, we specialize in tailoring applications to transform them into technological solutions that align with strategic objectives. Our extensive experience encompasses a wide spectrum of environments, including stand-alone, web, mainframe, and distributed systems. Embracing agile methodologies, we ensure the highest quality of work throughout the process, encompassing system migration, legacy systems transition, and application optimization. Our approach is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive expertise, and a commitment to driving technology-driven solutions that seamlessly integrate with your organizational goals.


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Before starting any project, we assess your organization's systems, processes and current situation, to formulate a plan with a top business impact.

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We create a master plan that addresses the identified gaps and brings forward your organization's capabilities.

Project improvement implementation

We will iteratively implement the master plan, increasing your organization’s decision-making capabilities and business impact.

Key industry verticals 


Since our foundation, we have developed multiple projects of various kinds in this sector, such as database administration, information integration, data warehousing, advanced analytics, AI and many staff augmentation projects. We have developed risk models, fraud prevention, and business intelligence, among other applications.


We mainly work on analytical and database administration projects for companies in this field. Solutions developed include process optimization models, risk rating, customer churn analysis and branch staffing.


We provide value in critical retail industry projects such as real-time credit card fraud detection, consumer recommendations, customer segmentation for personalized marketing, customer sentiment analysis and survival models, and others.


Our added value in the industry is mainly in integration projects and information analysis regarding medical representatives' performance and product movement by region. We have developed first-line geostatistical analysis models to increase the measurement performance efficiency of this industry in the marketplace.


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